Controlling Taxes

On the state level we are getting our fiscal house in order and lowering taxes for the middle-class and small businesses:

  • Ellen voted for the lowest rates for the middle-class in New York State since 1954.
  • Credit-rating agency Standard and Poor’s upgraded New York’s bond rating to an A+.
  • Ellen has fought to abolish the MTA payroll tax and succeeded in getting in repealed for 80% of our small businesses ses and for both public and private elementary and secondary schools.
  • Ellen remains committed to fighting for additional progressive tax reform, including in our corporate tax structure, and to exempt non-profits and municipalities from the MTA payroll tax.

On the local level property tax reform is a must for families to afford to stay in Rockland. Ellen believes in order to lower local taxes we must:

  • Rethink the way we fund education and increase state aid to schools;
  • Enact an omnibus middle class circuit-breaker tax cap, phased in over four years for increased tax breaks;
  • Continue of STAR and enhanced STAR;
  • Cut costs to decrease what we pay;
  • Stop unfunded mandates now.

Ellen has delivered in Albany by:

  • Closing a loophole called Safe Harmless which increased aid to Rockland Schools by millions;
  • Co-writing a bipartisan bill to enact a modest circuit breaker;
  • Voting for Tier V pension reform, which will cut costs to school districts by millions and save taxpayers millions for generations to come;
  • Allowing local governments to make cooperative purchase arrangements, which cut costs and increase efficiency;
  • Working with business organizations at home to strengthen small businesses, attract new businesses to increase the tax base;
  • Arranging meetings with the state to boost business development as a result of the new Tappan Zee Bridge.
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