Economic Development, Job Creation and Minimum Wage

Ellen Jaffee knows that a thriving business community and sustainable communities can go hand-in-hand. She has brought funding into downtown areas to make the villages and hamlets in the district more business-friendly. As a member of the Assembly’s Economic Development Committee, Ellen has supported statewide incentives that will keep and attract businesses in our communities. She has opposed cutting programs that have given businesses the incentives they need to compete.

Ellen has held numerous meetings with state business leaders including Empire State Development Deputy Commissioner and the Rockland Economic Development Corporation to provide help and information about state programs for businesses, and for minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE). She continues to support higher education as an important part of economic development and voted for a $39.1 million increases in aid to SUNY and CUNY. Ellen is a co-sponsor of and will continue to advocate for Recharge New York, a sustainable energy program for businesses and not-for-profits to protect and create jobs, and encourage new capital investments.

Ellen Jaffee co-sponsored legislation to increase the minimum wage in three increments. Ellen will continue to support and fight for increasing the minimum wage. This increase will ensure hardworking families will not have to choose between paying their rent and purchasing food for their families. That money will also circulate in our local economy, which strengthens businesses.

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