As a former special education teacher, Ellen Jaffee has fought for the highest quality education for Rockland’s public school students. She believes that all children must have a strong foundation, beginning with Pre-K that builds through K-12, and culminates in college or vocational training. Ellen points out that economists across-the-board agree that financial strength and recovery require a quality educational system that prepares its students to succeed in a global economy. She supports early intervention because it can give children a head start. It has saved districts thousands of dollars per student in instructional costs later on. Above all, Ellen feels that no student should be deprived of a quality public education because of financial limits.

1. Ellen Jaffee will continue to fight for revision of Foundation Aid Formula for East Ramapo School District and to close other loopholes that prevent our high need schools from getting the aid students deserve.
2. Fought against the rapid implementation of the Common Core, new testing requirements and release of private student data.
3. Successful in her fight to end the Gap Elimination Adjustment in 2016 NY State Budget (GEA).  
4. Successful in her effort to getting monitors for East Ramapo. Following Hank Greenberg’s report, she introduced and passed through the Assembly legislation for oversight of the East Ramapo School District.
5. Introduced legislation that aims to ensure that private schools provide an education that is “substantially equivalent” to that of public schools in the same region, as required by law.
6. Ellen will continue to oppose and vote against vouchers and charter schools, which divert funding from our public schools.
7. She will continue to actively oppose the proposed legislation to provide an education tax credit which would enable private contributions to private educational institutions resulting in diminished funds for public schools
8. She voted for Tier 5 pension reform, which will result in taxpayers saving millions of dollars in the coming years.

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